1.fully completed, the function and the loop (core gameplay) is finished;


2.no crash issues / no freeze issues;


3.no broken links wherever it shows


4.no compatibility issue, (both iPhone & iPad) devices would be supported if possible; (main target device is on sale in AppStore)

–没有兼容性问题。比如兼容iPhone $ iPad ,游戏最低支持的系统要完美运行

5.make sure to use the latest XCode to compile;

–确保用最新版本的XCode 编译

6.make sure to set the base firmware the app supported exactly in AppStore;


7.make sure NOT gathering any information about the personal user data


8.IAP model is fully implemented and all transections were visible and matched with the app exactly (no any hidden rewarded items)

–IAP 配置的内购内容是完全实现的,所有交易截图是可见的,并且完全匹配游戏内的充值项目.(没有任何隐藏的奖励内容)

9.no any other payments (sdks) in coding whatever is


10.no any other placeholder or incomplete / incorrect contents in any form when do submission;

–提交审核的时候没有其他占位符或者不完成,不正确的内容 (暂时还没明白)

11.fully icons should be packaged and uploaded (without transparence) in appstore;

–完整的App Icons (不含透明度) 打包,并且上传到AppStore

12.no low quality UI and contents in app which it looks like the simi-finished ones;

–游戏中没有低品质的UI 和内容,看起来像半成品一样

13.no copycats products (same functions as the product which it released in appstore already);


14.make sure the connection is perfectly.(communication between client and server);


15.make sure the app can be run perfectly under WIFI & 5G & 4G & 3G network;

–确保APP能正确运行在 WIFI 5G 4G 3G网络下

16.make sure to support IPv6 and tested by local team multi-times without any issues;


17.make sure to use the unique suit for the review. (client & server) if possible;

–确保提审App 的客户端 和 服务端(没有其他客户端链接) 唯一性。

18.no more keywords to use when the 1st submission (just make sure the ones have relative with the app exactly);


19.make sure the BG is existed wherever the app is loading;

–确保 app loading时候 背景是存在的

20.no keywords included “demo”

–关键字不包含 demo的字眼

21.make sure include the privacy policy link or in game content to show for the players if app need to register to play;


22.anynomous mode must be included;


23.no tutorial to show during review;


24.hide the contents / no entrance which you won’t to show to the apple and make sure it was removed from app during review;


25.forbidden to use H5;


26.no level restriction during review;


27.no 3rd party contents included during review;


28.no more restrictions contents in app


29.cash reward only when buy cash (same type)

–现金奖励只有发生在购买现金的时候(相同类型) –不太明白

30.monthly card should be replaced by subscribe if there have in game app;


31.IP copyright MUST be included (authorized files)

–必须包含ip 版权的授权文件

32.prepare the link which like as official website


33.no any other (cracked / private server) version (same app) download link in official website as well


34.screens use in AppStore submission page should be use capture from in game originally;